Social Responsibility

Lapin House, wanting to show in practice its love for children who have been its inspiration and driving force, pays particular attention to Corporate Social Responsibility culture and contributes for a society that respects people and the environment, a society worthy of our children.

We support foundations and institutions dedicated to children protection and welfare, such as “Elpida”, “Theotokos” and “Chamogelo tou Paidiou”. We reserve financial grants as well as material donations, organize charity events, and organize awareness campaigns with view to inform the public about their purposes.

In collaboration with professionals, it organizes recreation and educational events at Lapin House and Lapin Magicland stores, where children are invited to participate for free, with the aim to develop their creativity, imagination and skills while they are playing and having fun.
It places special emphasis on creating a strong working culture where all colleagues can develop their skills, and offers training opportunities free of charge in subjects related to their work and beyond.

Being conscious about the environment, it contributes to its protection by replacing energy consuming devices with environmentally friendly means, recycling raw materials, and participating in reforestation activities.
In the past, it has many times carried out campaigns in order to raise public awareness on environmental issues, broadcasted anti-war messages, and also supported social groups affected by natural disasters.

The effort continues…
Act of love
The principle of our company is to give back to society, to family and of course to children. We create clothes for children with love and we stand by their side at every opportunity. All children deserve a smile and a hug. Every action we take is done with responsibility, for a better future for them. We support families and charity organizations, in need of clothing and other necessities. Our corporate culture is based on the principle of solidarity, equality, and opportunity, inspiring our staff and our partners.
@makeawish.greece is a non-profit organization whose goal is the mental and emotional health of children suffering of severe diseases. Fulfillment of these children’s wishes can be a milestone in their lives. It may replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope. Mental and emotional health plays a major role in treatments and can directly affect physical health. Lapin House has been supporting Make a Wish for many years, donating products, and helping in the fulfillment of these children’s wishes. Last week, we helped make true 6 year-old Marina’s wish, who loves princesses, fairies, unicorns and magic!
#LapinKidsMission: Togetherness
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in our effort to collect clothes for all those in need. All the collected clothes are transported, with the help of Entypos courier, to Fabric Republic where they pass through special disinfection process, before they are given to those affected by the fires. Thank you for being by our side in such a simple but important action!
#LapinKidsMission: Planet. A campaign for people, for the environment & for a better tomorrow.


Lapin House celebrates 45 years of pioneering in childrenswear fashion!
Years full of creativeness and smiles!
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